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cov19 site visit sway.png

Site Visit Policy

To many this now seems like a distant past, but to help communicate changes to working practices and expectations during the COVID pandemic we developed this short message. Here is the example used during 2020/21, thankfully not as relevant  today but an idea of the formats SOME OF OUR CLIENTS USE.

risk sway.png

Visual Risk Assessment

Like many, our client was fed-up with pages of text which his staff were unlikely to digest, let alone understand, so we started working on a series of visual messages based on the risk assessments detail. Here is a sample.

engage video.png

Webinars - video

We started with our first WEBINAR back in 2019 introducing a new audience to our Learning Portal. More information can be found in our RESOURCES section. Visit our social media pages for the 2023/24 diary.


Our learning portal -video

Here is a short video introduction of our learning portal which we released late 2020. You will get an idea of the simplistic approach and design to aid learners. You will get a better idea by registering for a demo by contacting us using the form at the base of this page.. Our portal has had some tweeks since this original version of course.

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